The more I THINX about them, the more I love them!

Posted on Dec 29 2016 - 9:33pm by Kelly Says

So, I have been embarrassingly excited about a newish product on the lady scene: Thinx.  I purchased two pairs about a week ago and have since been waiting around like a kid on Christmas (literally, it’s Christmastime) for my period to arrive.  

What are Thinx you/everyone-I-know ask?  Basically, they’re technologically savvy underwear that allow you to traipse about with zero “protection” during your period.  The women behind the curtain over at She Thinx claim these powerhouse panties literally absorb all of your menstrual blood into their ethers.  No leakage, no staining.  No diaper feel.  Just business as usual.

Sounds too good to be true, right?!  I thought so, too.  So I stuck with my trusty DivaCup for a few weeks while I researched, read reviews and ruminated.  (The cardinal Three R‘s of purchases for women in their 30’s.)  

Then, armed with knowledge and Safari 10.0.2, I hopped onto the website and took the somewhat skeptical leap.  

The company offers six cuts for varying degrees of absorption (ranging from $24-$40), in two colors: black and beige.  I opted for the cheekie (pictured below) and hiphuggers — both in black because, for me, periods are #neverbeige territory.  

(Granted, they may not be the sexiest numbers in the set, but that’s usually last on the menstruating mind anyway.)

To my utter delight, and no doubt due to sheer excitement, my period arrived two days early this month.  As soon as my body not-so-subtly let me know it was Go Time, I rushed to find my still-packaged cheekies and suited up.

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The first thing I noticed when I unpacked them was how glide-y and soft they felt– think silky, bicycle short exterior with a soft cotton lining interior.  Once I got them on, I marveled at the comfort factor.  The waist and leg bands rested snugly on my skin, with no pinching or riding whatsoever; a worthy contender for regular, non-magical pantie bragging rights.

No complaints in feel or fit?  Off to a good start!

As for function: wow.  Hours later, I had almost forgotten I had my period.  I was confounded and delighted.  Where is it GOING?, I thought as I checked down-below for the 12th time, bewildered.  

For the love of God.  Where is it GOING?!

For fear of finding out, I was leery of following the instructions to rinse them when finished for the day/night.  (Rinse, then cold-wash later with your regular laundry.)  I didn’t want to skip a step and ruin them so I braved the bathroom sink, took a deep breath, and cold rinsed.  I’m not sure if I just wasn’t revved up yet or these panties really do have magical properties but, to put it politely, no color show took place during the process.  I carefully read the website and She Thinx assures me none will take place during the laundering process either.

Seriously.  Where is it GOING?!

I feel like I somehow just life-hacked my period.  I know it’s happening thanks to the 1, 2 cramp punches, but I also kind of… don’t know it’s happening.  I’m wearing whatever pants I want like it ain’t no thang and freewheeling in the restroom left and right.  I am living amongst non-menstruators like I am one of them. 

If my reproductive system could applaud, it would.  For now, please accept its highest honor: Two Ovaries Up.

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