September’s Good Being Box; AKA High Five for HighGiene!

Posted on Sep 15 2016 - 3:43pm by Kelly Says

SEPTEMBER GOOD BEING BOXThis month kicked off Good Being‘s new pick-a-product feature.  Of the all-awesome choices, I opted for the MyChelle Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate and it’s definitely a new favorite.

I first became familiar with MyChelle through Good Being and have never been disappointed with any of their products.  The Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate was no exception. (And, at $45 for the full size, this product trumps the value of the subscription price alone!)

Fair warning: at first, it feels pretty sticky on the skin.  I was a little concerned because I was in a rush to get to the office and had just tried it for the first time.  I really didn’t have the spare time to re-wash my face and start over so I just left it on and hoped for the best.  Gradually, it started to feel more silky to the touch and I noticed that my skin looked and felt toned and “awake.”  In fact, someone actually commented that I looked like I was eating healthier (this is the kind of compliment you get in an acupuncture office).  My face felt soft and hydrated throughout the workday and well into the wee hours of my evening meditation class.   Having never used a gel moisturizer before, I was pleasantly surprised by how hydrating this product was.  And I am still mystified by the magic of sticky-to-silky..

.5oz bottle $45

My second favorite product this month was the Han Cheek & Lip Tint.  Good Being got me into tints and shimmers a couple of years ago and I’ve now almost completely stopped using powders.  Tints just make the skin look so good — dewy, youthful and natural — whereas powders tend to cake and often can’t be as easily edited or blended.   This particular product (in Rose Berry) has great glide to it and can easily be layered for depth of color.  Plus, with a base of shea butter and coconut cream, it actually works to hydrate and nourish your lips and skin.  A beauty product that moonlights as skin care — what a concept!

One stick $14

…but WAIT, there’s more!…

EO Deodorant Wipes

I LOVE THESE.  I first got to try them in a bonus box I ordered a couple of months ago and used them all up on a soon-to-be-blogged-about trip to Arizona.  They’re perfect for travel, hot n’ sweaty workouts and a quick night-on-the-town refresher.  One wipe is enough for both underarms; each has a clean, subtle scent that instantly refreshes the skin while ingredients like tea tree oil and organic ethanol work to deodorize. 

One box $16.56

Yuni No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam

I laughed when I read the description of this product.  “Use in place of a standard shower or bath.”  “No rinse needed.” 

I mean, come on.  I’m no germaphobe here but I have pretty high hygiene standards.  (HighGiene standards, if you will.)  I usually clean my apartment daily.  I take my shoes off before I walk in.  I enjoy about 2 or 3 baths or showers a day.  I brush my teeth at least three times a day.  I — ok, maybe I’m a little bit of a germaphobe. 

Of course, the Universe being as crafty as she is, I actually needed this product in a pinch the other morning.  I slept through my alarm and had to get out the door in half an hour (same rush-n-tumble morning I tried the aforementioned HyrdoGel).  So, I took this bad boy for a ride.  And I’m admittedly shocked to report that it works— and not just for a quick commute from the yoga studio to your apartment.  I mean, it did the job for an entire comfortably clean work day.  Granted, I will be using showers in place of showers in the future, but this is going to be a great addition to my workout bag, hiking backpack, airport carry-on, future sailboat emergency kit…

5 oz $19.00

Marley’s Monsters Reusable Facial Rounds

I hadn’t heard of this brand – or this kind of product before – but I’m an instant fan.  I love finding new ways to be eco-friendly!  Basically, you just use these cloth rounds in place of cotton rounds or cotton balls for your daily cleansing regimen.   Then wash, rinse n’ repeat.  They come in a variety of fun patterns and prints, and allow you to be gentle on your skin and on mama Earth. 

20 pack $14.00


Thank you, Good Being, for another month of feel-good, look-good, do-good products!

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