Oo La La, Oovina; NYC knows Gluten Free!

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 8:35pm by Kelly Says

Kelly Says Oovina NYCOovina Latin Kitchen is dedicated gluten-free restaurant right in the heart of Midtown, NYC.  And I didn’t even know it existed until last weekend!

Adjacent to the lights of Broadway, this ambient latin kitchen offers a perfect pre-show menu for a dazzling gluten-free dinner.

We were in the area to see Oh Hello at the Lyceum theater, only a short walk away from the restaurant.  (A walk you’ll need if you plan to put it away like I did.)  I didn’t know what to expect as it was my date who discovered this place and made the reservation.  I was politely excited yet secretly leery– I’ve heard one too many of the ol’ “gluten-free” false promises in my day.

However, to my utter dietary delight, Oovina quickly became my favorite find of 2017 thus far!

I was totally impressed by and, admittedly, alarmingly suspicious of Oovina’s menu.  Crispy tortillas and crunchy tacos?  Saucy, sensual-sounding shrimp dishes I couldn’t even pronounce?  How could this all be 100% gluten-free?!

Naturally, I asked a bunch of questions.  (Then, I asked them again.)  I finally decided to trust our patient, reassuring waiter and proceeded with an evening of gluten-free gluttony.  

Kelly Says Oovina NYCWith a tapas-style menu, we shared a variety of plates, served one after the other.  (Our waiter explained that they try to space each dish this way but can’t always guarantee the pacing if they’re busy.)  Every dish was like art– carefully orchestrated, expertly flavored, and thoughtfully presented.  Even the tea was a culinary to-do [pictured left]!

We spent the better part of three hours just reveling in the festive flavors and chic-yet-comfortable ambience (and still managed to make it just-in-time for our show).

Eight plates and one dessert masquerading as Bananas Foster’s evil twin later, and I was one very happy gluten free girl.

I waddled to Broadway, starry-eyed and full-bellied, dreaming of a second date (with Oovina, anyway…)

Please enjoy a slideshow sampling of the menu below!:


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