New Year, New Goodies!: January 2017 Goodbeing Box Review

Posted on Jan 13 2017 - 3:21pm by Kelly Says

January Goodebeing GoodeboxAh, the goodbeing box arrival — my favorite mail day of the month!  And, as usual, I’m an insta-fan of all of the January picks and can’t wait to share them with you.  New year, new look-good, feel-good, do-good goodies!  

So let’s jump right in, shall we?  

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Day Multivitamin This was one of the two products I selected via Goodbeing’s awesome newish pick-a-product feature.  Made with organic ingredients and Non-GMO verified, I’ve always opted for this brand when vita-shopping.  The particular blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs in this product is geared specifically to a woman’s physiology, and has always been a great boost to my already conscious diet.  I’m so glad to see they’re partnering up with GB to get more ladies nourished!

ks_goodbeing_emaniEmani Hybrid Cream Color This is the second product I chose with Goodbeing’s pick-a-product feature.  I chose it because I lovelovelove tints and glow-y things.  I also appreciate that each Emani cream compact, chock full of conscious vegan goodness, is handmade right here in the US of A (California).  (Then again, I love that about most of GB’s picks!)  I actually received the bronze-colored version of this product last month and thoroughly enjoyed contouring and bronzing my way through the holidays.  So I’m excited to use this lighter tone for adding additional sheen and vibrancy!  New year, new hue 😉

Kaira Takesumi Detox Deodorant Oh, how I love natural deodorants!  I ditched the drugstore brands years ago and have since enjoyed sampling natural brands (or just using pure coconut oil), and like switching them up every few months.  This brand is pretty ingenious.  With activated charcoal — basically a toxin-magnet — and aloe, this deodorant actually works to detoxify your sweat glands from the outside.  There are a few stages of the detox process, as described here, and I feel like a couple of extra-sweaty weeks is worth it for healthy, detoxed underarmies.  Like the old saying goes, “Happy pits, happy life.”  Or something like that…

Devita Moisture Tints with SPF 15 This brand is new to me and I’ve quickly fallen head over highlights for it!  With moisturizing vegan ingredients, these BB creams [the two circular creams pictured to the left] glide on smooth and provide full tint-y coverage for a balanced glow.  At the same time, they work to nourish the skin and protect from UVA/UVB rays.  I’ve had one on for about an hour and my skin still feels pliably moisturized — no flaking, no caking.  Another great pick by GB!

Well, that’s it for me.  I’ve got places to go, products to slather on.  Well done, GB!

What did you get in your box this month?!


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