Kelly Says “Oui Oui” to Coffee (with a Fancy Pants French Press)!

Posted on Jan 11 2017 - 12:10pm by Kelly Says

ks_blog_frenchpress2So I got a French Press and coffee grinder about, oh, two years ago.  

I asked for both of these items as gifts, then completely chickened out of using them.  Whereas most hardcore coffee lovers would excitedly set up shop, test them right away, then write self-congratulatory reviews on Amazon, I put them on the highest shelf in my kitchen and continued purchasing $1 corner-deli-coffee for a few more years.  (Ah, the simple joys of Brooklyn life…)

However, working 100% from home these days has given me a bit more free time to tackle the more daunting tasks of adult life.  Like, making coffee.  So I dusted off the ol’ french press this morning and got to brewing!

First, I watched about six YouTube videos by “experts” explaining how to make the perfect cup of french press coffee.  And guess what?  They all said completely different things.   Ratios of beans-to-water, quality of water, bean brewing time, proper pour… all different answers.  What the what?!

Kelly Says French Press So I took to creating a highlight reel of all their advice and then, basically, did whatever I wanted.

I used about 2/3 cups of these lovely (and by lovely, I mean pungent and unapologetic) Montauk coffee house beans, which I purchased in-store at Left Hand (where coffee is serious business).  I ground the beans for a few seconds then dumped the grounds into the french press carafe, eyeballing them as though they’d give me the “yes, this is the correct ratio” nod.  

I then poured in boiled water, which I let sit for about a minute or so, and allowed it to brew for the duration of one country song (if you want to get precise, I played Wake Up Older by Julie Roberts; its fun if you sing along and replace the words “Cool Bottle” with “Hot Coffee.”)  

Kelly Says French PressAt the end of the song, I grabbed the lid and submerged the attached plunger (which pushes the grounds down and allows you to pour the coffee), affixed said lid, and the rest… the rest is history.

Easily the best coffee I’ve ever made at home–  strong, bold, piping hot and fresh (just like me).

I just wish I had thought of doing this years ago  …

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